Maghreb, Isha & Space (2010)

by Yoshi (Y. Misdaq)

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"Your album is plush brother, lilt and water... I listen to it a lot" - Palaceer Lazaro of Shabazz Palaces, Seattle, USA

"eee! excellent ethereal esoteric. I've really been enjoying your album. it's really something special. You've succeeded in introducing me to your world and it's truly a lovely place ... "no mystery" takes me back to my childhood.. many a summer spent listening to billy idol on my cement porch and playing with legos. very soulful and playful.

i wish more people could understand what you've achieved and what's typically accepted as 'talent' or 'good' is not necessarily either. i feel you've made an album that everyone should own. anyway i could go on.." - Jerohme Spye, Baltimore, USA

"Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove. its all about love ... I thought it was phenomenal." - Nadia, Birmingham, UK.

"It's all about circles. The whole thing just made me think of circles. Seasons and cycles too." - Haroon, Maryland, USA.

"Ur music never fails in putting a smile on my face! thanQ :)" - Soraya, California, USA

"First time I heard [Dream Suite # 3] it gave me the feeling of magic, it reminded me of magic, like fantasy like, it has a starry sound. I had it on repeat while I was doing my artwork, it took me somewhere else!" - Aisha, Brighton, UK

"My favorite tracks are 'Dawn Song,' 'I Am Alone (2nd Prelude),' and 'Love Song.' The first of those is of the pop variety, generally, and the others are in my studio/prayer/stream-of-consciousness mode." - Christopher, New York, USA


released March 23, 2010

Written, produced & performed by Yusuf Misdaq aka Yoshi at Nefisa Studio, Brighton, UK, 2007-8 /// Tracks 07, 09 (#2) & 11 recorded in Virginia, USA, 2009 /// Beat #1 of track 09 produced by H. Shahnawaz aka Diamondscepter, Maryland, USA, 2007.



all rights reserved


Yoshi (Y. Misdaq) Honolulu, Hawaii

Yoshi is an Afghan multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, MC & producer from Brighton (UK), presently living in the USA. His work, a sprouting-out of mid/late 90's hip-hop, also takes in electronica, world-folk music (particularly from Afghanistan, far-East, British Isles and USA) and fuses them all with an improvisational spirit. Music for the brave explorers of innerspace. ... more

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Track Name: Dawn Song
We are born with the dawn
Imprints of the morning
We are dreaming
We wake from sleep
We arrive back in bed and peace
We are kept unfurling
Every dissatisfied moment
We are domes like the Earth
Charging forwards
Through the Universe
Spinning at speeds, everything that we need
Grinning like seeds in the garden of weeds
The sheer prospect!
The shining prospect!
The possibilities
My knees bend
The destiny
Un-crack my bones and my body's alive
Water splash in the new dawn alive
Dripping wet
As we mean to go on
Creative juices help me sing my song
I am a Muslim, I come from a line
Soul dangle on the very edge of the string
The latest edition
The new model I'm modeling
The greatest of missions to be awake and be following
The greatest of visions to be subservient
My ego is still asleep
A stupid and a lazy old mule
My palms face my face
There are clouds therein
Stars on my fingertips
The last of the stars
Half-Sky Light
Seagulls start in their hundreds down there
By the beach where the ocean waves
Spray some old man sittin' on the pebbles
Lick my lips
Lovely level
.I could die.
Track Name: Mika's Morning Song
I'm in a home in Fukuoka feeling IiiiiiiI
Traditional wood on my ankles and clear blue sky
A different smell and I'm thankful it's no surprise
A lover-ly morning, swarming with butterflies

Me and Ms. Mika rolling down a green hill
Photographers need to understand how I feel
Sakura blossoms, sun snowing on my nose
Where does the Spring-time wind blow from?
Nobody knows
Track Name: Oma-Say, Oma-Sah, a Makusa (The Journalists, The Audience & The Artist)
Stupid writers, you don’t know what to think or to do
Trying to keep Hip-Hop inside of a zoo (yes you do!)
I been doing this for ten years, so long
You don’t know what to say ‘cos your minds ain’t strong Aren’t you tired of these gimmicks?
Aren’t you tired of these cynics?
Pessimistic players in these policy clinics
Tell you how to sound with a subtle force of fashion, innit.

On my way through the market, arc it / Dome it, chrome it, soul-like-stone it / Must be hard for you, this ‘Cos this [is] the kind of Hip-Hop where I don’t talk / Must be hard for you to get analytic / and get real subtle- that’s the way that I kick it / Kick dope heads, crumble like a palace of biscuits / This glassy-world’s full of fragile, scared, puffed-up pigs / Running around and they catching the light... Clingin’ to the blingin’ of their last ideals / Everybody’s fit to fall like Baghdad and have / [their] Glorious statues of themselves / Ripped down by gangs of your humility / That's the pain when you said, 'It's killing me,' / Your conscience drips and it bleeds reality / Forget that nonsense legality / This go a-deeper than the laws and applause / If everybody loves you and licks your paws / You might-might-m-might milk the applause / You might think that you arrived and saw / World tours and all the opened doors / Trendy photos and words from Pitchfork / And die-hard fans and the endless -talk / And Nelly Furtado wanna sing with YOU! / Coldplay and Timbaland too / And Timberlake too, up to timbuktu / Who are you when you look in the mirror? / Say it out loud, it's a corny line, say:

Who Am I ?

A Makusa
Track Name: No Mystery
It’s Universal
How I glide
I’m walking Circles
That the experienced understand
This thing is patterns, man
N’every symbol interchangeable

But some bright ideas
Can never cyn-ify, pessi-fy
(They’re never cynical, pessimistic)
Some shiny things
Keep you guessing at the taste of a Sip of the Sun

Some soft-sun
Bids you run t’ward it’s crux of the Heart-Haqq
He’s Haqq,
He’s Heverlasting [living] inside
And it’s love
He’s everlasting, inside
And it’s love

It laugh and cry you like the first ride
It’s love...

It’s no mystery, except in the where and the how
And the Hu and the when
But I know what, I just don’t really know what...
Track Name: Love Song
.I wanted to merge you.
.I wanted to merge you.

'Til we feel so right
'Til we feel so right

.I wanted to burn you.
.I wanted to burn you.

Turn you, hurt you
Make you feel like I did

.I wanted to serve you.
.I wanted to serve you.

Old love gone
Old love song
History now
History now
Track Name: The Golden Circle (Binds with Love)
New flowers
Don't take hours
Spring from the bravery springs
Deep within ya
You got that brand new chance like Virginia
Make your new world
Make it great like a stranger
You may be getting old but there ain't no danger
Stick close to light
Let Love be your labour
See Lah is the center
Lah is the harbour
Seaside shore
Where you were before
Armour - Memories
Past life
Don't be sad
Don't be sad, this is a transient time
Test and stress keep on coming like time
Keep on moving like time
Stay firm like time
Don't think like time
On the beat like rhymes
Let your heart sing signs
Let your heart sleep deep
And sing songs
Through the slumber snores
Sing songs about the golden unknown shores
Of course
The Golden Unknown shores are for sure
The Unknown Mystery is for sure.

Make that decision
Make it strong like religion
Come home like a pigeon
Come home to the vision of the family lights
Friendship Heights
You can see them laugh
See them twinkle like stars
Under sea-bed, swaying
You gotta dive back in
You gotta swim back deep
To the Pearls of Origin
We all spoke the same
Sounds of music & friendship
Language(i)s a misty mascara for beautiful girls
All you need is hands and
Hearts and
Eyes and
And colours that you feel
So you can show them real
Like dreams that you hold in your Golden Unknown Heart
It's real. It's real.