From a Western Box (2004)

by Yoshi (Y. Misdaq)

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    Written, produced & performed by Yusuf "Yoshi" Misdaq. Cover artwork in collaboration with Jordanian painter Dana Shahzada.

    "What hip-hop always was about, appropriating and re-interpreting the heritage of the old-school." -

    "An effortless combination of electronica, hip-hop & the stylised mood of ambient...Yoshi lays down tight tracks with smart vocal infusions and political narratives." - PUNK PLANET

    "Yoshi comes from a world where Sergio Leone, the RZA, anti-establishment politics, Middle Eastern strife, ambient Hip Hop, Akira Kurosawa and potent skunk exist in harmony...Managing to sound both ominous and chilled at the same time, this is obviously a deeply personal record about skewed perspectives, about looking at the UK from its marginal areas and wondering whether you're a part of it." - Nick Southall, STYLUS MAGAZINE

    "I have listened to it a number of times - why, it's on right now - and each time I find more to listen to within it... Both politically engaged and musically interesting, (especially some of the drum rhythms)... The command of the rap idiom is admirable and the variety of textures remarkable." - Ethnomusicology Professor John Baily, GOLDSMITHS UNIVERSITY OF LONDON

    "Yoshi's music is exciting, buoyed by a frankness bordering on naiveté as he unabashedly proclaims, "I got a mindful of music, I love it a lot." Indeed, his love of hip-hop, and of music in general, comes through in both his willingness to experiment and in his lyrics [and his] genuine enthusiasm can't help but seep into your consciousness, its example encouraging you to pursue the things that you love." - SPLENDID MAGAZINE
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"After listening to it all the way through the first time, I asked myself – whoa-hooo Nadiaaa, what is hip-hop to you? Cuz Im actually a big fan of hip hop, but Ive always attached it to a certain ‘type.’ And in this album it challenged those conceived notions, but in it I see hip-hop evolving into something brighter, something more grounded, something more real." Nadia, New Jersey, USA

"The album is one of my favorites of 2004, after my first listen through it got me. The production is beautiful, and the themes ranging from spirituality to politics fit right. Simply great hip hop." - Ben, Rhode Island, USA

"I loved most of the instrumental work on the album, you’re a dope beat-maker mate.. Truly, one of the most interesting I’ve heard from these shores... The slower more spoken word approach on 'Nightmare On Terror' worked to a tee (plus the track is dope..)..." - Kal, Leeds, UK

"The lyrics are soo fresh, they just have that fresh quality to them, fresh as in different, unique... It's like they just pull you to pay attention, the way the words are arranged too." - Dolores, California, USA

"I love the mesh of analog samples with the digital production, it works really well. The end of 'Sunline', when the sample kicks in (T.S Eliot?) is just a beautiful moment." - Owen, Glamorgan, UK


released March 5, 2004

Written, Produced & Performed by Yusuf Misdaq aka Yoshi
Track 06 produced by Diamondscepter
Track 11 produced by Freezerman



all rights reserved


Yoshi (Y. Misdaq) Honolulu, Hawaii

Yoshi is an Afghan multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, MC & producer from Brighton (UK), presently living in the USA. His work, a sprouting-out of mid/late 90's hip-hop, also takes in electronica, world-folk music (particularly from Afghanistan, far-East, British Isles and USA) and fuses them all with an improvisational spirit. Music for the brave explorers of innerspace. ... more

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Track Name: My View
I put my soul in my belly every day
Before I rap I clear my thoughts of unnecessary clichés
See I'm takin' this to back in the day
When we was 6-years old and gettin' pushed out the way
A boy becomes a man
And on the way he learns his trade
I got this mic in my hand
And by the way I'm gettin' paid
But I'm givin' it to charity (so what do you say, man?)
Yeah I'm an MC, Yeah I work in Oxfam
Yeah I ain't your average man I got plans
Spreading awareness through this hip-hop,
And shit got so confusing
When I rapped for a contract
So I isolate myself and make hits that
Buzz with the intellectual power of Freedom
Love's on my mind and I'm just trynna break even
The world's so cold and all the people is freezing
You are the weakest link
But I love you anyway baby
That's my motto, on the mic I go crazy
'cos everyday a new paedophile makes me
Release this stress, where my forehead sweats
I can feel the weight of this world on my shoulders


(Thinkin bout my life)
I take many perspectives
(Thinkin bout my life)
And I can't be so objective
The world's mine as I see it and I live it
I can't be nobody but me on this planet

I got two million stories to tell
My poetology is hip-hop and biology
It's Wu-Tang mixed with sociology
My knowledge of the world (it) guarantees me an MC
But you been sleepin' on me for too long
Ignoring my sound like a car alarm
You twisted my arm, and now I'm
Going it alone (oh man)
I ain't about to stop myself learning
I seen too many old friends who since stopped evolving
Too many people who got shallow and involved in
Fashion or trendy-friends and cool circles
Spend half their lives jumping meaningless hurdles
I ain't about that life-livin pretense
I'm all about being in between your picket fence
'cos if you try and put creative people in a box
We start free-running til there's holes in our socks
This city is mine and I ain't sharing my stocks
My value is high 'cos I'm sharp like Mr. Spock
Staying cool while the right-wingers fly by my block
Stay cool! Fundamentalists get bothered and hot
Spit my lines for Palestine and I never stop
And that's my view from this Western Box. ..


(Thinkin bout my life)
I take many perspectives
(Thinkin bout my life)
And I can't be so objective
The world's mine as I see it and I live it
I can't be nobody but me on this planet